Exclusion of liablity

With registration every participant declares the following:

In case of my participation at the Reschenseelauf I accept the exclusion of liability of the organiser for damages of every kind. I will neither assert claims against the organiser, the sponsors of the race, the near communities, the owner of private paths, nor against their representatives because of damages and injuries that could be caused through my participation at the event. I declare that I have exercised enough for the participation on this competition and that I am physically healthy. I have a personal liability insurance.

I agree that my personal data named at the registration, the photos, videos and interviews on the radio, television, advertising or books produced by myself, can be used for my part without any claim of remuneration. I ensure that my year of birth is correct and that my bib number will not be handed over to another person. I am aware of the fact that I will be disqualified if I change the official bib number in some way, especially if I hide the advertising print or make it unrecognisable or if I am accompanied by another person on bike during the run or similar. In case of a cancellation of the Reschenseelauf due to an act of nature (flood, storm, etc.), the entry fee will not be refunded.

21st edition on 17th July 2021