Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking, which originally was used as a training method for cross-country skiers of hikers, is a complete body training in which the whole muscles of the upper and the lower body are strained. The sticks are used powerfully and actively. The foot must always have ground contact and the sticks are held closely to the body. A walker step with hip movement or a creeping double quick is not allowed.

Due to organisational reasons, there are no track marshals or judges who control the compliance of the NW-technique. This is why everyone is requested to act in a fair and sportsmanlike manner, which means do not jog or use mixed forms of running and jogging. The constant ground contact and an active use of the upper body are essential. Because of the lack of judges, the fastest will not be awarded, but the ten finishers who are closest to the guide time, which results of the average time, get a prize.

Reasons why Nordic Walkers (despite the absence of judges) participate in the Reschenseelauf:

  • Exercising this sport in a huge community
  • Experiencing the competitive atmosphere
  • Measuring with friends or like-minded people
  • Running around the lake
  • Enjoying the beautiful landscape
  • “Fight” against yourself – improving the result of last year
  • Claim of the same services as the runners (e.g. starting package, massage, refreshment stations during the race, shower possibilities, …)

21st edition on 17th July 2021