Privacy regulation

Privacy regulation

Clarification writing according to art. 13. of the g.v.D. nr. 196 from 30.06.2003 regarding the protection of personal data when data processing

In terms of article 13 of the legislative decree nr. 196 from June 30, 2003 we INFORM you about the fact that we process personal data of customers and suppliers, as well as data of people, who deliberately pass on their personal data to our sales office or the management (by phone, fax or e-mail), as well as from people, whose data will be applied through third parties, for example, when gathering external data for commercial information, public lists etc., whereas in the latter case, it concerns exclusively personal data of common / usual kind and nature.

The association guarantees, within the context of legal guidelines, that the processing of the personal data will occur under the consideration of the fundamental rights and liberties, as well as the dignity of the affected people with special reference to the observance of secrecy, the personal identity and the right of protection of personal data.

Objectives and purpose of data processing:

–          fulfilment of legal duties, regulations, community rules, as well as civil and fiscal laws

–          fulfilment of possible contractual obligations towards the affected person

–          fulfilment of activities connected with business operations of our company, such as filling out of internal statistics, accounting, guidance of the customers/suppliers accounting, objectives of commercial nature, like consignation of business information and advertising material for one’s own purpose and for partner events (by post, fax and e-mail), marketing and market researches

–          protection of claims and administration of liabilities

–          objectives regarding insurance, especially credit insurance

With regard to the objectives listed above, the personal data will be forwarded if required:

–          to public administration and authorities, if provided by law

–          to credit institutions with which our company maintains business relations for the administration of claims/obligations and financing arrangements

–          to all natural and/or legal, public and/or private people (legal-, administrative- and tax consultancy offices, courts, chambers of commerce, etc.), if the forwarding approves to be necessary or expedient for the pursuit of our activity, as well as to the above mentioned manner with the respective objectives

–          Personal data which has been processed by our company are not subject to any diffusion.

Data processing can happen with or without the support of electronic, automatic means and includes all required processes, which are designated in Art. 4., Par. 1, letter a of the law representing decree nr .196 of June 30, 2003 and the processes that are essential for data processing. In any case, the data processing will be conducted under observance of all security measures that guarantee their security and confidentiality.

The data privacy act grants the affected people the possibility to exercise specific rights according to Art. 7. In detail he has the right to know what personal data the holder owns about him and to receive information about whether there is some data available about him, even if they have not been saved and to provide him in a comprehensible form further details about these data, the origin and the reason and purpose for their processing. Furthermore, he has the right to learn more about the holder and the people responsible for the processing and about people and categories of people to whom these data will possibly be transmitted.

The affected person has the right to confirm, check, correct and add information to his data. Additionally, he has the right to apply for the data to be deleted, blocked and converted into anonymous data if the processing infringes the provisions of the law. He has the right to oppose the processing of his data for justified reason totally or partly, as well as demanding for cancellation, blocking or conversion into anonymous data. Furthermore, he can oppose the processing of his data without justified reason, if the data are used for commercial information, the dispatch of advertising material, direct sales and market and opinion research.

The representational rights can be asserted on the part of the person concerned or on the part of a person he has asked to, by means of a request directed to the designated person in charge via registered letter or email (

21st edition on 17th July 2021