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Results 2019
The nightrun is finished. What an emotional event.
More than 4.000 athletes have completed the nightrun.
The fastest man was Konstantin Wedel with 00.47.23 and the fastest woman was Simone Raatz  with 00.56.08.

Results 2018

Reschenseelauf 2018 – The 19th edition of the Reschenseelauf is over. Even this year the weather god smiled on the athletes. The fastest woman was Epis Giovanna (Centro Sportivo Carabinieri) from Italy with a time of 53:42 and the fastest man was Jbari Khalid (Athletic Club 96 Alperia) from Bolzano with a time of 50:09.



Results 2017

Reschenseelauf 2017 – New record of participants and new women’s course recordAt the 18th edition of the Reschenseelauf the weather was fine with the fresh Vinschger wind. The fastest woman was Emmie Collinge from Great Britain with 52:54 and the fastest man was the Italian Emanuele Repetto with 49:33, who competed against Konstantin Wedel and Markus Ploner.

  Results 2016

The weather was cooperating at the 17th edition of the Reschenseelauf, even though the rain and the Vinschger wind, which appeared the days before the event, made the preparations difficult. The fastest woman was the Italian Patelli Eliana with 58:34 and the fastest man was again Gualdi Giovanni, who finished the race with a time of 49:28.
  Results 2015

The weather god was on our side at the 16th edition of the Reschenseelauf. The fastest woman was Karin Hanspeter from Sarntal with 57:03:7 and the fastest man was the Italian Gualdi Giovanni, who finished the race with a time of 49:01.

21st edition on 17th July 2021