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Registrations  control

Everyone registered correctly will find himself on the starting list, which will be updated regularly. On the starting list everyone can check whether the registration has been successful.

If the required documents are not submitted to the organiser within July 10, 2020, the participant will automatically be ranked in the Just for Fun category. All participants with an Italian residency are required to show the medical certificate of a sports physician from Italy according to the law d.M. from February 18, 1982. All foreign participants, who compete in the main run, are required to show a medical certificate of the general practitioner.

The certificates can either be submitted with the registration or can be handed in later. With the registration every participant agrees with the regulations on our homepage

Possible reason why you will not find yourself on the starting list:
The starting list has not been updated until that moment or the medical certificate has not yet reached the organiser (

special edition on 18th July 2020