Weather in South Tyrol

Forecast for today, Tuesday 05.07.2022

Quite sunny

General weather situation

During the day dryer air masses and more stable conditions.

Weather today

Often sunny, local showers can`t be excluded. Northerly winds. Maximum temperatures from 22° to 32°.

Mountain weather today

Quite sunny, locally reduced visibility due to clouds or fog. Single rain showers are possible.

Forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday 06.07.2022

Lots of sunshine

General weather situation

North-westerly currents and high air pressure determine the weather in our region.

Weather tomorrow

Sunny from early till late. Cumuli-form clouds will form, but only in the evening single rain showers are possible. Northerly winds. Temperatures reach from 22° to 32°.

Mountain weather tomorrow

Sunny all over the day. Some cumuli-form clouds will form, but only in the evening a local rain shower is possible.

Further development

Summer weather, northerly winds


Temp. min. 9°/18°
Temp. max. 19°/30°

Temp. min. 8°/16°
Temp. max. 18°/29°

Temp. min. 6°/15°
Temp. max. 21°/31°