Weather in South Tyrol

Forecast for today, Thursday 18.07.2024

Sunny and hot

General weather situation

The weather in the Alps is determined by a weak high pressure system together with hot air masses.

Weather today

Sunshine. During the afternoon, there will only be a few isolated thunderstorms from the cumulus clouds. The maximum temperatures range from 30° in the Wipptal to 35° in the Unterland.

Mountain weather today

The conditions on the mountains will be very good, although cumulus clouds may gradually reduce the visibility in some areas. Single thunderstorms are possible.

Forecast for tomorrow, Friday 19.07.2024

Sunny, later thunderstorms

General weather situation

High pressure conditions.

Weather tomorrow

Very sunny at first. In the afternoon, larger cumulus clouds will develop and a few thunderstorms will develop from the mountains. The temperatures rise to 29° to 33°.

Mountain weather tomorrow

The first half of the day will be very sunny with good visibility. You can expect thunderstorms from the cumulus clouds in the afternoon.

Further development

Summer weather, local thunderstorms

Saturday will be very sunny, with the tendency for thunderstorms only increasing in places in the second half of the day. On Sunday, the air masses will become more unstable. The sun will shine in the morning, but thunderstorms will become more likely and more frequent in the afternoon. Temperatures will fall. On Monday, sunshine will predominate and the clouds are expected to remain harmless. Tuesday will be sunny with localised thunderstorms in the second half of the day.


Temp. min. 12°/20°
Temp. max. 26°/34°

Temp. min. 12°/20°
Temp. max. 25°/29°

Temp. min. 12°/20°
Temp. max. 23°/32°