Weather in South Tyrol

Forecast for today, Monday 04.07.2022

Changeable conditions with thunderstorms

General weather situation

A cold front determines the weather over our region.

Weather today

In the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds with partly strong rain showers and thunderstorms. Temperature in decrease, maximum values between 22° and 31°.

Mountain weather today

Unstable conditions on the mountains. Partly sunny weather, in the afternoon partly strong rain showers and thunderstorms.

Forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday 05.07.2022

Quite sunny

General weather situation

During the day dryer air masses and more stable conditions.

Weather tomorrow

Variable cloudy with local showers in the morning. Very sunny in the afternoon, northerly winds.  Maximum temperatures from 21° to 32°.

Mountain weather tomorrow

In the morning reduced visibility due to clouds and some thundery showers. In the afternoon quite sunny.

Further development

Quite sunny


Temp. min. 9°/18°
Temp. max. 23°/32°

Temp. min. 10°/19°
Temp. max. 22°/31°

Temp. min. 9°/17°
Temp. max. 22°/32°